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It’s been a dreary week or two for the Liverpool faithful. Last Sunday’s game against Tottenham was postponed . . . on Thursday. Apparently, three days wasn’t enough time to get the snow out of the stands. More likely Liverpool, ravaged in body and soul, was eager to have a few more days to rest up (and not potentially slip a few more spots down the table), leaving them with ten days to prepare for the replay against my beloved Reading, some 34 positions below Liverpool in the English football pyramid.

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tick tock tick tock tick tock

Of course, there were some distractions early this week when Tom Hicks Jr., son of Liverpool owner Tom Hicks and proud American, was forced to resign from the Liverpool board after he told a member of the Spirit of Shankly, a Liverpool supporter’s group, in an email to “Blow me fuck face.” Hicks and Gillette, the other Liverpool owner, might be just a few degrees below the Manchester United owners, the Glazer clan, on the Most-Hated-Owners-In English-Football-O’Meter and I, no Liverpool supporter, felt no sympathy for Hicks, Jr. When footage emerged of members of the Spirit of Shankly singing Munich air disaster songs at a party, the Massive-Doses-of-Hypocrisy-O’Meter began to level off as it so often does with the British press. (more…)


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