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Landon Donovan has agreed to a four-year contract extension with the Los Angeles Galaxy, the club announced today.

Donovan will, however, move to Everton in the English Premier League on a loan beginning in January, the Los Angeles Times reports. The agreement allows Donovan freedom on off-season loans, but it could effectively close the door on a permanent move to Europe.

Donovan’s new contract calls for a big raise, but the full terms haven’t been released, so it’s unclear whether it will have a buyout clause that could free Donovan to move overseas at some point.

We may weigh in a bit more on this later, as more information becomes available.

So what do you think? Good choice? Or will this leave Donovan’s club career forever incomplete? Weigh in with comments below.


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A successful Landon Donovan move to Europe would be good for Major League Soccer.

Yes, I said it. No, I haven’t spent the day doing bong hits.

Picture it: Donovan moves to a mid-table team in Spain, France or England. He gets regular playing time and produces. He doesn’t need to be Christiano Ronaldo. Simply matching what Clint Dempsey is doing at Fulham would suffice for now (though Donovan can do much more than that).

A successful showing in Europe would speak volumes about the improved quality of play in MLS. Yes, we have plenty of players moving back and forth across the pond, but Donovan is the American soccer superstar right now – or the closest thing we have to it. Most MLS players move to Europe before they hit their primes, so they’re not as well-known when they go. Donovan is already the face of American soccer. If he succeeds in Europe, it won’t sneak up on people, like Michael Bradley’s run in the Dutch league last year. People will follow Donovan closely from Day 1.


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Nick Rimando did it again.

The Real Salt Lake goalkeeper stopped two penalty kicks and benefited from a stunning Landon Donovan PK miss to claim the Major League Soccer title for his squad. I said Monday it might play out like this on PKs, and sure enough, it did. How much of it was Rimando, and how much was it due to Jovan Kirovski and Edson Buddle simply choking? Of everyone who stepped up to take their kicks, there were only two I looked at and said out loud, “He’s going to miss.” That was Buddle and Kirovski. How many of you did the same thing? Buddle looked like he wanted to be anywhere else but on that penalty spot. And Kirovski, who has been 12 for 12 on PKs previously? Big spot, big game, not a big game player. Rimando stopped them both. (He also guessed right on Berhalter’s kick, but Berhalter hit it perfectly.)


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Nick Rimando’s most amazing feat wasn’t that he stopped three penalty kicks to send Real Salt Lake to the MLS Cup.

It was that the RSL goalkeeper “guessed” right on six of seven shots.

Rimando reads penalty kicks so well that it’s clearly not guesswork for him. He went the right way on all but one Saturday night, even if he couldn’t get a hand on each. That ability could decide this Sunday’s championship match against the Los Angeles Galaxy and affect the pace of the game.


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